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Wednesday, 06 June 2018 09:12

Tipper - enchantHED

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EnchantHED tipper


ONE tipper to make you happy!

It’s the magical, the phenomenal, the feels-like-it’s-playing-itself, the fantastic, the revolutionary... the fun-fecking-tastic enchantHED tipper!

The only "normal wood tipper" I personally use is the result of over 15 years of tipper development together with Stevie Moises.

It’s a LIGHT tipper with the power of a heavy one. Perfectly balanced, weighted teardrop head, OVAL grip shape with adjustable rubber rings. The amount of bass for such a light and thin tipper is just surprising!
Suitable for all playing styles. Made of figured ash. A hard, light wood with perfectly balanced flexibility.

... enchantHED!

It is a beautifully balanced tipper weighted to perfection. The oval grip I really like with a thicker diameter for holding it and the thinner neck and head to give a lovely sharp, bouncy feel and sound. When I tried it for the first time I demanded that I get the first one when it became available. Highly, highly recommend it

Conor Martin (All Ireland Champion Bodhran Player 2013, bodhrán player of "Danceperados of Ireland")

"I am really enjoying this new tipper – it is well-balanced, playful, and sounds great through the entire range of my drum."

Andy Kruspe, bodhrán/percussion performer and educator

Client Feedback:


Benedict Kutzer (‚Bene‘, Breaking Strings):

GRIP: "Der Grip des entchantHED ist sehr gut gemacht, er eignet sich prinzipiell mehr für Baby Grip Spieler als Pencil Grip Spieler, obwohl beides gut spielbar ist. Beim Pencil Grip neigt er bei mir lediglich dazu, sich um die eigene Achse zu drehen. Beim Baby Grip lässt er sich meiner Meinung nach besser greifen als die meisten anderen Tipper und passt sich äußerst bequem ein, reibt nicht und sitzt absolut sicher in der Kuhle."
BALANCE: "Die Balance des entchantHED ist phänomenal. Schnelle Rolls lassen sich genauso leicht spielen wie langsamere single end/top end Triplets oder andere Standardpatterns. Der Tipper spielt sich quasi von selbst. Der Metallkern ist hier genau richtig platziert, um ein angenehmes, rundes und perfekt ausbalanciertes Spiel zu ermöglichen."
SOUND: "Holztipper sind eben Holztipper, in Irland mag man sie mehr, in Deutschland mag man eher Rods – für mich galt das bisher ebenso, doch der entchantHED ist für mich nicht zuletzt durch seine gute Spielbarkeit eine echte Innovation. Der Sound ist knackig, gerade Höhen kommen erwartungsgemäß extrem trocken und präzise, aber auch der Bass kommt überraschenderweise nicht zu kurz Ein starkes Stück Holz!"




EnchantHED tipper

  • length - 26cm
  • tipper weight - 25gr
  • stroke weight - 6g
  • head shape - weighted teardrop
  • grip shape - oval
  • magic of function -
    weighting/balance/lever/elasticity of material… science, physics, experience and craft.
Price along with your drum order: 64,80 €

or 72 € inc. shipping at





The above stated tipper lenghts may vary within a tolerance of several millimeters. Wood is a natural product that responds to atmospheric conditions which may affect length or playability. Also the depicted and actual woodgrain may vary.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 09:04

Tipper pockHed

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Tipper pockHED

Tipper pockHED – The Top-Class Tipper Case

Obviously, you want to make sure your tippers are properly stored and easy to take along. The Tipper pockHED offers much more than that:

  1. The double zipper allows you to quickly open it up wide and close it just as easily.
  2. You can open Tipper pockHED in two ways – either entirely, placing it on a table with the flap flipped open fully, or half open, attaching it to the mike stand with half the lid folded inwards. Both options allow you to see all of the tippers, and to take them out and put them back in easily and smoothly.
  3. The compact and clear design of the Tipper pockHED saves valuable space while making optimum use of its capacity and offering maximum space for your tippers. It is stable, water-/beer-/dirt-repellent, and durable.
  4. The Tipper pockHED is available in four colours: red exterior (like the HEDcase), blue, purple, and gray. Black interior.
  • Double zipper
  • Lined bottom and sides
  • Room for many tippers (e.g. 20 HEDrods)
  • Ca. 32x8x5 cm
  • Looped handle for suspension or carrying
  • Dirt-repellent, waterproof, durable polyester textile
  • Available in four colours: red, blue, purple, gray. Black interior.
  • Made in Europe (Spain)!

Fabric details:

  • Polyester 40%
  • Polyamid 40%
  • Polyethylen(LDPE) 20%



Price: 25 € along with your drum order or 28 € inc. shipping at


Disclaimer: Tipper and other shown accessoires are not included in delivery.

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 10:24

MOpHed – The Practice Pad for your Tipper Hand

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MOpHed – The Practice Pad for your Tipper Hand

Need to warm up before a gig? Want to practice at home but your neighbours are a bit on the sensitive side? No matter if you’re at home, a hotel, or stuck in a traffic jam, the MopHed lets you train your tipper hand almost anywhere and anytime! This handy tool is a must-have for anyone who likes to use every spare minute to get in some practice!

  • Natural skin allows for a realistic playing feel
  • Natural rubber damping ensures a low sound
  • Lightweight, easy to store and carry
  • Elastic strap makes it effortless to hold
  • Obvious sound when you miss the playing surface, and an ideal surface size help you to develop precise playing


Diameter 17.5 cm
Playing surface 14.4 cm
Thickness 1.9 cm
Weight approx. 170 g


Price: 39 € along with your drum order or 45 € inc. shipping at

Due to the natural properties of the skin and the way it’s mounted onto the pad without the tension it would normally have on an actual bodhrán, the skin might have the occasional crease or dent. This does not affect the quality of the practice pad and is no reason for rejection!

...and what does the name mean ??? :)
Practise Pad, co-developed with Christian Hedwitschak... HED. Therefore not PAD but pHED. Made by Stevie Moises... MO. So: MOpHed :)



Monday, 08 June 2015 08:08


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Thursday, 28 May 2015 11:12


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HotRod tippers are composed of several rods and have become very popular because of the powerful sound they can produce. This type of stick has been used for decades by kit drummers, and it didn't take long before it found its place in the wold of bodhrán playing.

And so it is with great pride that we present our newly developed HotRod bodhrán tippers:
The HedRods!


"What is the difference between the HedRods and other models?" 

Starting from scratch, we have questioned and optimised every single detail of construction and have emerged with a variety of tippers that provide the player with different sound variations but have the same structure. Therefore, all HedRods have a similar feel, and the changing from one to another requires less effort yet achieves a totally different sound. It is importantly a product which is suitable for all common playing styles and grips without limitations.

The name says it all! 
The way in which the model name works is as follows: HR refers to HedRod, the subsequent digit refers to the diameter of the rods in millimetres and and the final designation refers to the shape of the head, a critical detail to the desired sound.

The length of the HedRods is approximately 24.5 cm. Special designs are available at!

Cut and dismantled: A hedrod's inner workings


The handle is a new development: 

In order to facilitate every playing/grip style, we wanted to create a grip which offers controlled handling without limiting the player to a certain playing technique, no matter if it is held in the middle, at 2/3 of its length or close to the end.
We achieved this with the Precision Control Grip: This consists of a thin net under aspecial shrink tube which provides comfortable support, it is unobtrusive and nonrestrictive. Two adjustable rubber rings on the handle can be positioned individually to serve either as a quick positioning of the handle point, or as a grip area boundary.
The position and length of the grip area is deliberate and was found in terms of playability, sound and comfort as "just right". This area is also glued so that the rods can never slip orchange position. Because only the attack sound, rather than the typical hotrod sound is heard when playing double ended triplets with the upper end of the tipper, we decided that the HedRod should be unidirectional. Therefore the upper end of the tipper is solidly constructed regarding to the attack sound.

The basic materials we use for all models are top quality, hand selected wooden rods (beech/walnut/bamboo) indifferent diameters and bamboo sticks.

Each beech stick is individually oiled and waxed. The bamboo sticks are left natural.

The arrangement of the rods depends on the model and is either parallel to the axis of the tipper or slightly twisted in order to achieve a different click behaviour.

3-O-Ring-Setting: Compared to other hotrods, the HedRods have an additional rubber ring. This provides much more flexibility in the adjustment of the handling and has direct influence on the sound.

What exactly can be adjusted by these rings? Hotrods provide the ability to change the subjective perception of material behavior during play. A Hotrod always feels a little "softer" than a tipper made of solid wood. This property can be changed in asurprisingly large range:

The front ring: this is used to set the "click behaviour" of the rods, the farther forward it sits, the less the rods move during impact, the typical clicking noise decreases. Of course it then follows that the click sound increases the further you move the ring towards the handle, because the rods have more freedom to move. Depending on the design of the rods, a sound similar to that produced by jazz brushes can be achieved.

The two rear rings: You can determine how solid the Hedrod feels by adjusting these. For example, if the front ring is at the very end of the HedRod and the two rear rings close to the handle, a very clear attack close to that of a solid tipper will be the result, however, it will still have the softer feel of a hodrod. The reason for this is that the rods can move considerably between the foremost O-ring and the top of the handle - this causes energyt o be dampened and you will feel a less attacking response. At the same time, less ‘unsprung mass’ hits the drum head and a lower bass volume is the result. In short, you can now adjust the movement by moving the rings.

Compared to other hotrod models on the market this additional rubber ring provides the ability to achieve a feeling that almost equals that of a solid wood tipper, because it is possible to make the full length of the HedRod almost completely immobile.




HRuni - 30 g.  

Price: 27 € along with your drum order or 29 € inc. shipping at

The one-for-all 2-in-1 Tipper/Hotrod.  

All you need for a start. All you need for traveling. All you need for understatement ;)


HR 2 walnut - 24 g. 

Price: 30 € along with your drum order or 32 € inc. shipping at

The „jazzy“ HEDrod …you´ll LOVE it :)


HR 3 crisp - 28 g. Walnut dowels. Slightly rounded head shape for crisp overall sound with focus on higher frequencies. Parallel dowel positioning.

Price: 27 € along with your drum order or 29 € inc. shipping at


HR 3 bold - 30 g. Largely rounded head shape for bold and bassy overall sound with focus on lower frequencies. Parallel dowel positioning.

Price: 23 € along with your drum order or 25 € inc. shipping at


HR 3 bamboo - 29 g. Each dowel is slightly rounded off. Bamboo sounds a bit more jazzy and crisp than beech. Parallel dowel positioning.

Price: 25 € along with your drum order or 28 € inc. shipping at


HR 4 - 23 g. Very clicky and light HedRod. Twisted dowel positioning.

Price: 23 € along with your drum order or 25 € inc. shipping at


HR 5 crisp - 25 g. Walnut dowels. Very powerful, lively and loud HedRod. Twisted dowel positioning.

Price: 27 € along with your drum order or 29 € inc. shipping at


HR 5 bold  - 27 gr. Very powerful HedRod with focus on lower frequencies. Twisted dowel positioning.

Price: 23 € along with your drum order or 25 € inc. shipping at



The above stated tipper lenghts may vary within a tolerance of several millimeters. Wood is a natural product that responds to atmospheric conditions which may affect length or playability. Also the depicted and actual woodgrain may vary.

Friday, 22 May 2015 15:37


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HEDcase - the backpack that has it all !

It goes without saying that your bodhrán needs to be stowed and transported securely and comfortably. The HEDcase takes it a whole three steps further !

  1. A removable tipper bag allows you to stow away your tippers. The bag has a strap, so you can easily hang it from a mike stand and always have your favourite tippers close at hand.
  2. Bodhrán players like to cram all their stuff into their drum ;). The SPB (SkinProtectionBag) delivered with this backpack doesn’t just protect the skin and the inside of the drum, but also allows you to remove all your odds and ends from your drum in one go.
  3. An inside and an outside pocket provide plenty of space for sheet music, travel documents, and even an iPad !
  • Adjustable backpack straps
  • Padded handle
  • Large outside pocket
  • Large inside pocket
  • Removable tipper bag with loop strap
  • SPB (SkinProtectionBag) – a removable inside bag that offers the additional benefit of protecting the drum skin
  • Well-padded interior for extra protection
  • Lightweight (1050gr/35cm, 1150gr/40cm, 1300gr/45cm)
  • Black with ruby coloured highlights
  • Well-stitched, high-quality materials
  • HEDcase35 for drums of up to 35x16cm
  • HEDcase37 for drums of up to 38x16cm
  • HEDcase40 for drums of up to 40x16cm
  • HEDcase45 for drums of up to 45x16cm 
  • Made in Europe (Spain) !

Fabric details:

    • Polyester 65%
    • Polyurethan Flexible 30%
    • Polyamid 5%




Price: 65 € along with your drum order or 85 € inc. shipping at


Price: 70 € along with your drum order or 90€ inc. shipping at


Price: 70 € along with your drum order or 90 € inc. shipping at


Price: 75 € along with your drum order or 95 € inc. shipping at

Special thanks to Joanne Ranney of for the co-designing of the tipper pocket !

I use the HEDcase45 for my signature CBss and the HEDcase40 for my signature CBss COMPACT. They are top quality cases, with sturdy zips and padded lining, offering a high level of protection for my bodhráns. I love the backpack design and they're perfect for hand luggage when flying. The SkinProtectiveBag is a great bonus feature too, allowing me to carry microphones, pedals etc inside the case. I highly recommend them.
– Cormac Byrne
The perfect case for travelling with. Lightweight, comfortable and lots of room for my gadgets
– Martin O´Neill


Disclaimer: Tipper, iPad and other shown accessoires are not included in delivery.

Friday, 22 May 2015 15:37


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HEDbag - a big bag for a small budget !

The HEDbag offers secure transport and provides a safe home for bodhráns of up to 40cm :)

  • Adjustable shoulder strap 
  • Padded handle
  • Large outside pocket
  • Padded interior
  • Black with ruby coloured highlights
  • Well-stitched, high-quality materials 
  • For drums of up to 40x16cm
  • Made in Europe (Spain) !

Fabric details:

  • Polyester 65%
  • Polyurethan Flexible 30%
  • Polyamid 5%


Price: 40 € along with your drum order or 60 € inc. shipping at


Friday, 22 May 2015 15:36

other tippers

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Hedwitschak Drums recommend Moises Tippers !

Stevie Moises, who’d been making tippers with and for me for over 12 years, has now taken over the tipper business entirely. Since January 1, 2015, he’s now also been taking care of end-customer business. The HedRod series is the only exception and will still be distributed by me.


Please check out his website:

I’m convinced that the new arrangement Hedwitschak = bodhráns, Moises = tippers will bring only advantages for you und us. 

Stevie and I will, of course, continue working closely together and developing new projects.

I think with the continuous improvement of tippers as well as experiments and research, and above all, with his individual, highly impressive way of playing the bodhrán, Stevie has become THE tipper maker. Please give him the same support you’ve given me with my products, as he deserves it – he’s da maaan! 

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