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HEDcase - the backpack that has it all !

It goes without saying that your bodhrán needs to be stowed and transported securely and comfortably. The HEDcase takes it a whole three steps further !

  1. A removable tipper bag allows you to stow away your tippers. The bag has a strap, so you can easily hang it from a mike stand and always have your favourite tippers close at hand.
  2. Bodhrán players like to cram all their stuff into their drum ;). The SPB (SkinProtectionBag) delivered with this backpack doesn’t just protect the skin and the inside of the drum, but also allows you to remove all your odds and ends from your drum in one go.
  3. An inside and an outside pocket provide plenty of space for sheet music, travel documents, and even an iPad !
  • Adjustable backpack straps
  • Padded handle
  • Large outside pocket
  • Large inside pocket
  • Removable tipper bag with loop strap
  • SPB (SkinProtectionBag) – a removable inside bag that offers the additional benefit of protecting the drum skin
  • Well-padded interior for extra protection
  • Lightweight (1050gr/35cm, 1150gr/40cm, 1300gr/45cm)
  • Black with ruby coloured highlights
  • Well-stitched, high-quality materials
  • HEDcase35 for drums of up to 35x16cm
  • HEDcase37 for drums of up to 38x16cm
  • HEDcase40 for drums of up to 40x16cm
  • HEDcase45 for drums of up to 45x16cm 
  • Made in Europe (Spain) !

Fabric details:

    • Polyester 65%
    • Polyurethan Flexible 30%
    • Polyamid 5%



Price: 65 € along with your drum order or 85 € inc. shipping at


Price: 70 € along with your drum order or 90€ inc. shipping at


Price: 70 € along with your drum order or 90 € inc. shipping at


Price: 75 € along with your drum order or 95 € inc. shipping at

(all prices incl. VAT)

Special thanks to Joanne Ranney of for the co-designing of the tipper pocket !

I use the HEDcase45 for my signature CBss and the HEDcase40 for my signature CBss COMPACT. They are top quality cases, with sturdy zips and padded lining, offering a high level of protection for my bodhráns. I love the backpack design and they're perfect for hand luggage when flying. The SkinProtectiveBag is a great bonus feature too, allowing me to carry microphones, pedals etc inside the case. I highly recommend them.
– Cormac Byrne
The perfect case for travelling with. Lightweight, comfortable and lots of room for my gadgets
– Martin O´Neill

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Disclaimer: Tipper, iPad and other shown accessoires are not included in delivery.

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