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Montag, 08 April 2019 03:59

2. Bodhrán Camp!

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Vom 16. - 19. Mai findet unser 2. Bodhran Camp statt!

Jetzt anmelden! :)

You can now find the HED documentation by CLOUDGATE on my "about me" page. Enjoy ! :) 


Montag, 28 November 2016 06:08

*new* startHED now available !

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Freitag, 04 November 2016 03:11

CoreLine prices

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The CoreLine bodhrán series delivers a top quality instrument in a wide range of sizes, providing the customer with great value for money. After 5 years of stable prices, we need to raise the price by 5-10€, depending on the model on January 1st 2017.

Freitag, 02 September 2016 09:35

Letter from Martin Lawlor

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Martin Lawler, a longtime customer who was born blind, just sent me a few words I’d like to share with you.


Mittwoch, 13 Juli 2016 06:28

Last TrHED orders for 2016

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Dear friends of 'old-school-bodhráns' :)
In this video you will see a great review/feedback/product description of the TrHED bodhrán published by a happy TrHED customer.
This is also the last chance for TrHED bodhráns orders which will be finished by end of September 2016 !

Now the 40cm version of the CBss official exists ;) and is ready to be ordered  ! 

The official name now is "CBss Compact"  :)   Delivery time is appr. 3-4 month if ordered now.


Luke Melvin playing with Angelo Kelly and family :)


Mittwoch, 07 Oktober 2015 04:00

MONss in 'classic' music ;)

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So great to see a bodhrán played in a 'different' environment ;) 
Please enjoy Aimee Farrell Courtney playing with 'Contempo Quartet'.


Freitag, 03 Juli 2015 03:38

Duet MONss / CBss

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Watch Martin O´Neill and Cormac Byrne playing their signature line bodhráns during a fantastic performance at Craiceann bodhrán summer school.

MONss bodhran

CBss bodhran


Donnerstag, 02 Juli 2015 12:16

Visiting my skin supplier

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Short film of my visit at Werner´s place, my main skin supplier since over 12 years.

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