Bodhran Archive

The drum models shown on this page are no longer produced by me. The contents of this archive pages are not up to date and no longer valid.
They only are meant to be reference and archive for e.g. used drums.
These pages are also a kind of a Hedwitschak drums online museum ;o)

The SR might be produced again in the future but at the moment the production is simply to costly.

15th anniversary of HEDWITSCHAK DRUMS – time for a special drum model! :)

The fundamental idea of this model is, to mirror all the most important/elementar developments, features and inventions I have made through these years and the craftsman who were involved.
So here are the features:

  • In general it´s a CoreLine - the most successful drum model I´ve ever designed. "stripped down to the maximum" So in this case, it will be more an hybrid between HighEndLine and CoreLine.
  • concave frame. This shall mirror the cooperation with Stevie, my wood turner and, if you ask me - the best tipper maker of the world.
  • EdlauerSelect PRIME goatskin. The best of the best of my "standard skin" I´ve been using for 15 years now. This shall mirror the cooperation with Werner Edlauer who has worked so closely and exclusively with me in order to develop the best special bodhrán skins. The skins selected for this model are extremely even and of medium thickness, on the bit thinner side. Reliable, tuning-stabile, durable, easy to play and a great range of tones on a very universal sound character.
  • Compressor tuning rim. One of the big developments for a clearer, more defined and better-to-mike-up sound, developed, tested, university-proofed with Rolf Wagels.
  • ChangeHED skin holding system. My solution for a skin change system, where not only the skin, but also the tuning rim can be changed. The great thing is, that it also works for synthetic skins who are maker-modified for bodhrán specific use (low tension, bass-focused playing). So you can get different skins and tuning rims for that drum if your style/taste develops/changes over the years.
  • toolless tuning system with 6 open star tuners. Often described as the smoothest, best-to-operate tuning system with a fantastic sensitivity for skin tension feedback.

please note: to provide this great drum at an ever better price, this drum model is only available with the described features. Even for surcharge I can not offer a different skin or tuning rim for the basic setup. Thanks for your understanding!





  • 37x14cm
  • ChangeHED skin holding system
  • EdlauerSelect PRIME goat skinl
  • taped, black cotton decoration ribbon
  • concave ash frame
  • compressor tuning rim in color of main frame
Price: special anniversary price of only 345,67 EUR incl. VAT, excl. p&p



View the embedded image gallery online at:


The LT is a demountable travel drum of maximum weight reduction.
Originally meant to be only a teacher drum, it ended up as a funky special bodhrán with real cult potential :o)
Basic idea: to improve the acoustics of the bodhrán and to offer the bodhrán player a better sound gain (usually all the good sound exits at the back of the bodhrán).
The basic idea was to offer a bodhrán for people who do not wish to get their hand on a skin of a dead animal. In this framework I called the first prototypes "vegetarian solution".
Die DSDT war die einzige DoubleSkin Trommel, die ich je gebaut habe.
Leider ist das spezielle Furnier, das wir bei der GPS verwendet haben nicht mehr lieferbar. Wir haben uns deswegen entschlossen die GPS Produktion ruhen zu lassen.
Die LightLine 2.0 ist ein speziell entwickeltes Einsteigermodell. Eine werkzeuglos stimmbare Qualitätstrommel mit super Klang zum super Preis, made in Germany. Ideal zum Anfangen oder für jene, die für wenig Geld von der "Touristenbodhrán" wegkommen möchten. Wir haben die LightLine 2.0 bei der Craiceann Bodhrán Summerschool 2009 auf Inisheer/Irland vorgestellt.
Die MOS ist ein Sonder-Serienmodell, das nach meinen persönlichen Vorstellungen gestaltet wurde. Sie wurde von der MOS2 abgelöst.
Bei der neuen BasicLine Bodhrán geht es ausschließlich darum, eine sehr gute Trommel zum niedrigstmöglichen Preis anzubieten. Eine Bodhrán mit HighEnd-Qualitäten zum Preis eines Mittelklassemodells.
Wir haben beschlossen, die "alte" LightLine in den Größen 30cm und 35cm weiter zu bauen. Bei diesen kleinen Durchmessern ist dieses Stimmsystem einfach optimal und wir wollen "winzige" Trommeln in unserem Produktprogramm weiterführen!