RWE Signature Series

The Drum of my Dreams

– Rolf Wagels


Eamon Murray
Signature Series

High Tension


Martin O' Neill
Signature Series

Fire and Ice



Fresh from the Start


Cormac Byrne
Signature Series

Sometimes we have to look to the past in order to move forward



The Explorer's Choice



All up to you

Custom made
HedRod Tipper
Christian Hedwitschak

Handcrafted Instruments
Made in Germany

A keen eye for excellent design and natural beauty.
A flair for practical functionality.
The expertise to achieve maximum results and the sound you desire.

Bayrischer Staatspreis für Innovation, 2014 Bayrischer Staatspreis
für Innovation im Handwerk,


Latest Projects

MOS2 in birdseye maple green, DRAGONSkinspicy, compressor tuning rim.

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 HEL 37x14, ChangeHED, DRAGONSkin classic, Comfort tuning rim, beech interior, fiddlebottom maple exterior, natural finish oil and bees wax.

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Nice order of a MOS2concave blue with 4 skins and 4 tuning rims, all with 5pattern nails.
Custom blue stained tuning rims.
REMO Skyntone, DRAGONSkin classic, DRAGONSkin deer, TwinSkin drum heads.

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    The Maker's Blog

    Christian Hedwitschak
    Tuesday, 01 September 2015 03:27

    ...the first part of the inventory for the Austria showroom is on the way. 
    Everything should be set up and running in a few weeks :) 
    Watch this place for news ;)

    Christian Hedwitschak
    Thursday, 20 August 2015 08:59

    These Martin O´Neill Signature Series Bodhráns are on the way to Martin´s place and then can be purchased via his website :)




    Christian Hedwitschak
    Wednesday, 19 August 2015 11:34

    Dear Bodhrán player ! :)
    I have planned to do a small number of Info-Videos to answer FAQs and explain some technical stuff.
    These short videos will be available on my youtube channel and on my website.

    Please let me know if you have a specific question you would like to get answered in such a video. Or is there a technical topic you would like to get explained there ?
    Please feel free to send me an email from the contact form above. Thanks for your help !




    Christian Hedwitschak
    Monday, 17 August 2015 14:03

    MONss is currently out of stock, but will be available again at the end of August.

    ...just about finishing them and sending them over to Martin´s place :) 

    MONss Link

    Christian Hedwitschak
    Monday, 17 August 2015 04:57

    Dear friends of 'old-school-bodhráns' :)
    I will take a few more orders for TrHED bodhráns which will be finished by end of October 2015.
    Orders for a limited amount will be taken until mid of September.
    The skins for TrHED bodhráns are very rare and as there are just a few more left at the moment, only a few TrHED orders can be taken.

    Next TrHED series will presumably be made in summer/autumn 2016. 

    TrHED Link

    Christian Hedwitschak
    Tuesday, 28 July 2015 03:26

    After nearly a year of developing, prototyping and testing it´s now available: the bodhrán suit collection by Hedwitschak Drums :)

    There are two models available:
    A good standard bag with shoulder strap, well padded and kept on lower price level, called the HEDbag.
    AND there ist the HEDcase - the top model of bodhrán garment ;) 
    It comes with rucksack straps, removable tipper pocket and SkinProtectionBag.

    We are proud to offer the first serial produced bodhrán dedicated bag MADE IN EUROPE (Spain) !

    Christian Hedwitschak
    Friday, 03 July 2015 03:38

    Watch Martin O´Neill and Cormac Byrne playing their signature line bodhráns during a fantastic performance at Craiceann bodhrán summer school.

    MONss bodhran

    CBss bodhran


    Christian Hedwitschak
    Thursday, 02 July 2015 12:16

    Short film of my visit at Werner´s place, my main skin supplier since over 12 years.

    Christian Hedwitschak
    Thursday, 28 May 2015 14:16
    We'll need a bit more time for the finishing touches, so please bear with us. From June 15th, we'll be very happy to receive your "Hey, I found a mistake" e-mails.
    Thanks very much for your patience and understanding.
    Wir brauchen noch ein bisschen Zeit für den Feinschliff, also habt bitte noch etwas Geduld. Ab dem 15 Juni sind "Hab-da-nen-Fehler-entdeckt"-E-Mails jedoch sehr willkommen.
    Vielen Dank für euer Verständnis!