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The MHTF bodhrán is the result of a cooperation with Michael Kamp, one of Germany´s leading bodhrán players. He liked the "MOF" bodhrán very much, but it was a little too small for him and he liked the finish and concave frame of the "SR" bodhrán. Michael was in search of a bodhrán that could be used as a "standard drum" as well as a light travel drum, and a drum with excellent miking qualities. And he was looking for something that could contrast the sound of his RWE bodhrán. After some experiments and tests we ended up with this instrument:



  • 35 cm diameter (ap. 14")
  • 15 cm deep frame (ap. 6")
  • DRAGONSkinspicy drum skin. Usually the dorsal line at 2/3 of the playing area.
  • Tool-less, isolatHED 8-point tuning system for easy, quick and precise tuning. Tuning system integrated in inner frame.
  • Concave frame for more playing comfort and less weight. 
  • Thin stripe of soft leather under drum skin.
  • Taped for more harmonic overall sound.
  • Very clear, 'compressed' sound. Excellent miking-up and mixing qualities !

Price: 495 EUR for cherry or walnut (incl. VAT)
or 625 EUR for peach skin varnish (incl. VAT) – CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE!

Micha Kamp with one of his MHTFs

The MHTF is a special drum, based on the "BasicLine" tuning system. The dimensions are 35cm x 15cm (14"x6"). The frame is slightly concave on the outside to get a better playing comfort, make the drum lighter and influence the sound. The drum comes with a special peach-skin-feeling varnish finish or in natural wood (cherry or walnut) with oil and beeswax finish. The skin used on this drum is a specially selected DRAGONSkinspicy on a quite sharp bearing edge with a thin stripe of soft leather.
The design is following the idea of "elegant simplicity". Every detail makes its sense, and there is nothing unnecessary or not useful. No frills, just plain and straight forward design with a great feeling and a brilliant sound.


The sound is very clear, defined and straight forward but still creamy with a warm, harmonic bass. The special thing about the bass is that it´s a very short-cut bass tone. Not roaring, more like a "gun shot". Michael about the sound of his MHTF : "it responds so directly and so soft and mellow at the same time that you just have to love it!“. Despite of the size, the MHTF has a powerful sound and volume, so it can easily make up even with bigger sessions. And - because of the clearly defined sound and the short bass tone - it is an ideal drum for both, stage and studio situations.

The drum can be easily tuned with eight smooth and easy-going thumb/finger tuners.
The selected DRAGONSkinspicy for the MHTF is very homogenous, and usually comes with a dorsal line at 2/3 of the playing area.
Some notes about the "peach-skin-varnish" finish: It is a very robust special varnish finish which feels like velvet, or peach skin and also a bit like warm stone. It´s a real pleasure to touch it ! But if you believe it or not: there is usual beech wood underneath it :o) ! (even if it looks like carbon ;o) )
If you feel more comfortabe with a "real wood" finish we now offer also "black cherry" and "walnut" with natural oil and beeswax finish. It feels very smooth, warm and natural.
The price is 425 Euros incl. 19 % VAT excl. P&P, no matter which finish.
The dimensions are always 35x15cm (14"x6"). Cutouts are not available for this model.


View the embedded image gallery online at:


Ronnie Bracke was so nice to give us a little feedback regarding his MHTF:

Review on my MHTF Bodhran made by Christian Hedwitschak
This year I decided to buy a new drum and since long I was thinking of buying a smaller size. I came to know that Christian Hedwitschak was making a drum with the aid/suggestions of Michael Kamp and after seeing photos and talking to Christian  I decided to order this little drum being touched by the unique design.
After a while the drum arrived at its new home. Taking a closer look at the drum I discovered that this drum has a different tuning system that works well and the size is comfortable for me 14”X6” and handles well. It has a concave form so is a bit more gentle on the left arm. The skin is dragonskin and has the spot where the goat’s backbone  was at about 1/3 of the drum; it sounds a bit sharper above this spot.
The sound of this drum is rather good with the attack of a top end drum and still a dry bass which can be heard loud and clear. Having such a powerful sound makes this a drum for the more experienced player who knows his or her place in a set of musicians. Being in the wrong hands this drum can be very powerful and that’s why I named mine “The Stealth” because of this power and sudden presence when played with a higher drive.
For me it is an all round Bodhran that I take more often with me because it’s a drum that grows on you and has a lot of possibilities. Left hand movement can be left to a minimum because it listens to every changed position  and trying out different tippers results in the most different sounds. That’s why I keep discovering new sounds on this instrument.
The overall quality is very good and this is well made, well designed and nice to look at which is also important, love it or leave it is my device! If you want to experiment with sound and percussion this drum will keep you busy. Playing top end or traditionaI it can do it all in the right hands!

Micha Kamp about Hedwitschak Bodhráns and 'his' MHTF:
I have played those Bavarian bodhráns for more than seven years now. Christian just got me addicted. Wonderful craftmanship combined with a perfect sound for all occasions (session / stage / studio) and easy handling simply convinced me. Hed's heads (especially the dragonskin) are second to none! More than that, Christian is a brilliant bodhrán player himself, so he understands the needs of his customers.  The creamy, smooth low end and just the right amount of  sharpness and attack of my MHTF make the best sounding drum I've ever had!


Michael with his MHTF on youtube:

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