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Friday, 22 May 2015 15:43


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A special model.

In every sense.

The FireBall bodhrán is a special model created of my own conception with the objective to create a design expressing the special sound qualities. 

Definitely not a drum for beginners. But advanced players will have their joy !

The core of what this drum is all about is a special drum skin: A TwinSkinBrilliance.
It is a specially produced drum skin consisting of two skins which work as a single one. This has nothing to do with DoubleSkin or 'laminated skins'.
New skin qualities are created due to this unique production technique. TwinSkins are also more stabile in tuning as any other skins.
For the FireBall a pre-used, ultra-thin Lambeg skin is taken for the outer skin layer.
These drum skins had an earlier life on one of the big Lambeg drums which are typically used in the north of Ireland.
On the interior of thisTwinSkin a pre-tensioned DRAGONSkinvelvet is used.
Both skins are laminated in a special technique and a 'center dot' (small skin patch) is sandwiched between them as a proof. 
On the exterior a pimple structure is created which causes a more homogeneous and eqally vibrating skin surface.

The frame is made of beech, concave crafted and finished with a red/black dyed polyurethane varnish surface.

Matching to the overall design, the compresser tuning frame is also finished red/black.

The compressor tuning system provides a precise, short-cut overall sound which is very good to mike up and mix/record.

Six open star tuners ensure quick, exact and smooth-running tuning.

All in all perfectly balanced high-end instrument. Not a sportive vehicle. But a racing car.



  • 37cm diameter. (ap 15")
  • 15cm deep frame. (ap. 6")
  • ChangeHED skin holding system.
  • TwinSkin drum head:
    Exterior: used, ulta-thinLambeg skin,
    Iterior: pre-tensioned DRAGONSkinvelvet 
    "PimpleStructure" and "CenterDot".
  • Tolless, smooth-running 
    6-point-compressor tuning system; 
    open star tuners. 
  • Thin leather strip under drumskin.
  • Taped for more harmonic overall sound.              
  • Very little left-hand-work needed !
  • Super clear, defined and lifely sound.

Price: 730 EUR (incl. 19% VAT)


A review from Kieran Leonard, Bodhrán All Ireland Champion 2011:

Fireball Bodhran – Christian Hedwitschak
“TwinSkin 37cm in red/black with compressor tuning and concave frame.”

First impressions were, if this drums sounds as good as it looks it’s going to be something special, and it does.
The finish is striking. The mixture of Black & Red gives a lovely complexion and is just great to look at. 
Sound & Tuning 
Amazing. Just amazing. For such a small playing area the depth of tone you can get from the drum is incredible.
I like a nice “boom” off the bass but with a nice “pop” at the top end. I have to say it took me by surprise.
I think it works best with a Hot-Rod tipper, I don’t know why, but I think it does.
Playing with a wooden tipper, it sounds a small bit dead. However, I found a way round this! I tightened the skin
to take the boom off the drum that meant the wooden stick produced a nice resonant tone and this solves the problem.
(the finger tuning makes this soooo much easier) Playing on the rim is great. 
I experimented with the tuning. As I said above, I like a strong bass (which is perfect with the Hot Rod)
but doesn’t really work with a wooden tipper, when I tightened the skin the Hot Rod sound is still excellent but the
Wooden tipper suits the tighter skin! (This is just my opinion ) 
The drum holds its tuning exceptionally well. The climate has a minimal impact on the skin.
This is great as you don’t have to tune as much! The drum is very comfortable to play.
The DragonSkinVelvet on the inside is really comfortable on your hand for pitching notes!
This is brilliant, as all other drums I have played left me with blisters when playing for long periods of time.
This does not! 
I cant find any. I think its perfect. Not only does it look great but sounds great also. 
I’ve played a lot of your drums Christian, the MHTF, the MOS, the MOF and the Hedwitschak SR, but I really mean this.
The Fireball is a different level. It’s a stunning drum. 
I may be wrong, but I think maybe the closest to it in style is the MHTF? This is better. It must be the TwinSkin! 

-- Kieran Leonard

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