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Paid LESS than you got ?
Got MORE than you expected ?
High End Quality - Low End Price !

New from scratch
With the CoreLine we present a classic bodhrán series with a fresh concept. Whilst the CoreLine has benefitted from the experiences of producing and constructing the LightLine and BasicLine drums, it is not a successor to either, but an entirely new drum. Our aim is to deliver a top quality instrument in a wide range of sizes, providing the customer with great value for money.

Actual delivery time:

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The new concept
In creating the CoreLine, we drew from the very core of our experience and competency in bodhrán making. From the choice of material to the construction of the frame and the finish of the surfaces, all components and details are perfectly balanced. Our core values are attention to detail and great craftsmanship. We use "EdlauerSelect" Premium Goatskin, which is produced and refined exclusively for Hedwitschak drums by a world leading skin manufacturer. The process is carried out in accordance with our special specifications, and each skin is purposeful selected for the various CoreLine models. The multipoint tuning system works smoothly and allows for precise, quick and easy tuning. Thanks to the skilful shaping of the inner part of the tuning rim, the hand nestles naturally into place rendering the drum very comfortable to play. The high quality of the CoreLine is emphasised by a classy black cherry veneer. With the intricate contours and the flush to the rim skin mounting, the design of the CoreLine bodhrán demonstrates simple elegance and timelessness.

Large variety and great flexibility: 
The CoreLine bodhrán is available in five different sizes plus an extra custom option in american nut wood.

Put all this together and you get a new drum series that sets the standards for an universal bodhrán.



  1. 35, 37 and 40cm diameter.
  2. "Edlauer Select" premium goat skin.
    Each skin is purposeful selected for the various model. 
  3. Skin mounting flush to outer frame.
    Plain, timeless design.
  4. Taped for more harmonic overall sound.
  5. Frame construction:
    Outer frame: Tube-bonded, cross-laminated beech plywood with sliced noble veneer exterior.
    Inner frames: (tuning system) Shifted plywood made of layered laminated beech veneer.
  6. Tool-less multi-point tuning system with open star tuners.
  7. Tapered skin edge, universal shaped bearing edge.
  8. 5 standard models in black cherry veneer.
  9. 1 standard model with ChangeHED skin holding system in Makassar IDV.
  10. Custom option available!
    Small surcharge: Only 30 EUR to next larger standard model. 
    For example: Nut wood 35 x 14cm = 320 EUR
    (next larger standard model would have been the "bullet") 

"Edlauer Select" premium goat drumhead:

I am using drum skins made by Werner Edlauer exclusively for more than 15 years now. (The only exception is the Lambeg skin used for the RolfWagelsEdition).
He is also the man behind the DRAGONSkin and with no doubt he is one of the best skin makers worldwide. Together, we developed special drum skins for my bodhráns over the last few years. The new Edlauer Select Premium drum skins are made especially for the CoreLine series.
They are specially chosen goat skins and are produced in a unique way exclusively for Hedwitschak drums. I will then select the suitable skin areas for the given CoreLine model. Characteristics of the EdlauerSelect Premium skins are: Harmonious timbre, great flexibility, comfortable surface feel, easy reaction to the skin hand with effortless tonal modulation and stable tuning in almost any climate zone. 

A premium drum skin for an outstanding bodhrán series.


The 'Slim' model: 35 x 12 cm   1400 gr.

The smallest and lightest variant of the CoreLine family. :o)

Recommended for small people and players with short arms. And of course especially for children !


Price: 280 EUR incl. VAT, plus p&p.

The 'Bullet' model: 35 x 15 cm   1600 gr.

By design the CoreLine with the most compressed sound.
Short-cut, precise and melodious sound character. Influenced by the MONss/MHTF bodhrán - 'modern' overall sound.

Recommended for players who prefere the qualities of 'small-and-deep' drums. And of course for musicians who would like to learn how to handle such drums and use their advantages.


Price: 290 EUR incl. VAT, plus p&p.

The 'Universal' model: 37 x 14 cm   1660 gr.

An absolute standard model.
Your are not very small or tall and just starting on the bodhran?
Or you are looking for an upgrade to your beginners drum?
Then the CoreLine 'Universal' is your choice! 

Price: 300 EUR incl. VAT, plus p&p.

The 'Classic' model: 40 x 13 cm   1660 gr.

Large diameter, relatively flat rim: the CoreLine with the open, more 'traditional' sound.
By design more volume than the 'Universal' model. 

Special characteristics: usually with the dorsal line (spine of the animal) centric in the playing surface.


Price: 310 EUR incl. VAT, plus p&p.

The 'XL' model: 40 x 15 cm   1840 gr.

By design the CoreLine with the most volume.

Recommended for tall players and people with long arms.
Or for customers who just would like to get the most powerful CoreLine ;o)

Special characteristics: usually with the dorsal line (spine of the animal) centric in the playing surface.


Price: 320 EUR incl. VAT, plus p&p

The "black" model: 37 x 14 cm   1870 gr.

„Makassar Maron“ finish (IDV=italian designer veneer), dark stained tuning rim.

The CoreLine with ChangeHED skin holding system !

The CoreLine that develops as you develop and can be adapted as your skills grow:
Drum skins and tuning rims can be replaced and combined to match your requirements and preferences!

Please see note on ChangeHED options on bottom of this page.


Price: 330 EUR incl. VAT, plus p&p




For a wee surcharge of only 30 EUR to the next larger standard model CoreLine nearly all frame depths from 12cm (with all three diameters) are available as a custom option. Special requests on skin thickness and spine position are taken, but only EDLAUER SELECT goat skin is used for the CoreLine series.
REMO Skyntone synthetic heads (taped and sanded) are also available for another 20 EUR surcharge if you should prefer a non-animal-solution on the drum head.

The custom made CoreLines are supplied with an exterior noble veneer of american nut wood. 

Please just calculate a bit longer delivery time as the standard models.

Two pictures of an example nut wood 37 x 14cm CoreLine custom bodhrán are shown here:

nut wood CoreLine 



I can only maintain the low prices for our CoreLine bodhráns by manufacturing them in serial production and offering them with standard features.

Following the philosophy of the CoreLine, the CLblack comes with a standard comfort tuning rim and an EdlauerSelect skin. 

I am sure these universal features will keep you happy for a long time. I consider it important to take the time to try out as many different drums as possible first to find out what your favourite sound and feel is, and to then get the combination of tuning rim and skin that’s best for you.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to start experimenting straight away. 
Take your time, play the CLblack as it is, give it time, see how the drum improves, and how your playing improves and changes.
And then, once you know exactly what you like, get the skin and tuning rim you like. Usually, the delivery times for extra tuning rims and skins are very short – mostly not longer than 4 weeks.

So please don’t rush it - take your time.


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