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Saturday, 30 May 2015 17:13


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The Carbondhran is the result of a spectacular collaboration.

While we were exhibiting at the international trade fair in 2014, we started chatting with the exhibitor next to us, a boat builder, who was presenting a carbon fiber part for a tidal power plant, which lead to the question whether the advantages of modern materials could also be used in bodhrán building.

We started working on the first pilots with great motivation, and asked Stevie Moises to join us as our mold maker.  

Our aim was to build a bodhrán frame with an optimum shape and optimum functionality, for which it would make sense to use such an expensive high-tech material. In other words, we wanted to design a bodhrán that would be impossible to build with common manufacturing processes and materials, and to break new ground in bodhrán building.

We had to invest a lot of time, considerable effort, and quite a bit of money, but the finished product speaks for itself:


  • 37x15
  • ChangeHED skin holding system
  • compressor tuning frame, isolatHED
  • REMO Skyntone drum skin (or different drum skin on request)


Carbon with visible fading to black on the inside and outside, matt varnish. 895 EUR incl. VAT


Red metallic varnish on the outside, carbon on the inside, high-gloss varnish. 925 EUR incl. VAT

The Carbondhran has a hand-friendly, elegant design, convex on the inside and concave on the outside, with a more pronounced layout than that of our concave wooden frames. In addition, the Carbondhran weighs less than a comparable wooden frame.

At the open side of the drum, the thin carbon frame is bordered by a black varnished, rounded wooden frame, providing the usual comfort to the player.

This outstanding drum is completed by our ChangeHED skin holding system and is delivered with a compressor tuning frame.

As we want to provide a coherent overall concept, we offer the Carbondhran with REMO Skyntone synthetic skin as the standard variant. Other drum skins are, of course, available on request.

To be able to keep the price down in spite of the extremely costly production process and material, this model is manufactured in small series and is therefore only available in one size and with two surface options.  

Special thanks goes to Antony Lenagan and Ulf-Michael Matthees, who both were enquiring about a carbon bodhrán at the same time independently. Both were supporting this project right from the start and were of great help!



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