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This model was created with and for Michaela Grüß, one of Germany´s best bodhrán players. She liked the size of a LightLineDeep30 but didn´t like the holes in the rim. This special model might look like a BasicLine, but because of the drum skin (DRAGONSkinspicy) and due to the overall construction it is definitely a High-End instrument.

The skin used on this little drum works perfectly and offers an amazing clear and warm sound, very easy and relaxing to play ! (Usually DRAGONSkin on larger diameters needs a more compact frame to unfold it`s wonderful qualities). This drum seems to be one of the "perfect-configuration-drums", so I decided to offer it as a regular model. Since a few years also Martin O´Neill plays this drum regulary on stage and in the studio.

It has to be said that his drum is not a drum for beginners. Also, if you are used to larger diameter drums you will have to change your playing style a bit. Less left-hand-movement is needed, more pushing technique is required. If you are once used to this kind of wee drum (less body contact as possible, totally relaxed playing), you will love it. In the right hands it´s a real wonder instrument with a very precise and powerful overall sound.

Much, much more than just a "travel drum" !

Watch here Michaela playing a little demo on youtube



  1. 33cm diameter (ap. 13,2")
  2. 15cm deep frame (ap. 6")
  3. DRAGONSkinspicy drumskin. Very homogeneous quality.
  4. Tool-less, isolatHED 6-point tuning system for easy, quick and precise tuning, Tuning system integrated in inner frame. 
  5. Textile covered bearing edge. 
  6. Taped for more harmonic overall sound.
  7. Very little left hand work necessary!
  8. Super clear and defined sound.

Price: 420 EUR (incl. VAT)




For an extra charge and waiting time other finishes are available.

For example: beech blue/brown/green/red with fading into black. Surcharge 120 EUR.

Special thanks to Claudia "Höppy" Dodt for ordering this design the very first time !


"My MOF made by Christian Hedwitschak fits like a glove! Due to the soft skin and short ways it's effortless to form the tones very fast. The communication between Christian and me was fast and uncomplicated. He created me a drum which matched my personal conception and ideas more then 100%. It still takes me by surprise which power comes out of this little drum!!
Michaela Grüß (MOF-mummy)

– Michaela Grüß


Michaela on myspace.

Michaela is playing in the band NUA.

Here you can watch Martin O´Neill playing an MOF with black peach skin varnish:

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