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latest custom orders :)

Montag, 08 April 2019 04:13

...some of the latest custom ordered drums!


Freitag, 30 November 2018 07:52

Dear customers!

We launched our new online shop for your accessories orders: Tippers, Cases, Percussion and some more treasures in the!


Donnerstag, 16 März 2017 04:55

Custom made HighEndLine bodhran,
Compressor tuning system,
TwinSkin: DRvelvet/Lambeg
Birdseye maple IDV blue with stain/varnish technique
(layout was provided by customer)



Freitag, 10 Februar 2017 10:28

Custom made HighEndLine bodhran,
ChangeHED skin holding system,
Comfort tuning rim,
DRAGONSkin classic,
apple wood veneer core/sapwood


Briccole di Venezia No.3

Freitag, 04 November 2016 03:25

The third project with the briccole di venezia veneer.
For more Fotos and Info please see FaceBook album link and


Freitag, 09 September 2016 05:14

Custom made 35x13 HighEndLine bodhrán,
hidden tuning wheels, classic tuning rim profil,
wild figured beech with natural oil/wax finish,
DRAGONSkinspicy drumhead with center spine.

Briccole di Venezia No.2

Freitag, 09 September 2016 05:01

The second project with the briccole di venezia veneer.
For more Fotos and Info please see FaceBook album link. 


Plain beech

Mittwoch, 13 Juli 2016 05:19

Custom made HighEndLine 37x14,
natural beech interior and exterior,
ChangeHED skin holding system,
compressor tuning rim,
REMO Skyntone® drum head.


Red Bird

Samstag, 25 Juni 2016 06:05

Custom made HighEndLine 37x15,
concave birdseye maple frame,
red with sunburst effect,
ChangeHED skin holding system,
compressor tuning rim,
Kangaroo skin by Kentville Drums, Australia


Donnerstag, 23 Juni 2016 05:05

Custom made HighEndLine 40x16,
concave birdseye maple frame,
blue stain on silky-gloss finish,
Classic tuning system with 8 open star tuners,
'Impossible' Cutout:


Mittwoch, 22 Juni 2016 05:57

Custom made HighEndLine 37x15,

concave frame,
solid red varnish finish with fade to black, silky-gloss finish,
ChangeHED skin holding system,
***Lama skin***,
Comfort tuning rim.



Dienstag, 21 Juni 2016 04:19

Custom made HighEndLine 37x14,
solid black matt varnish exterior, beech natural interior,
ChangeHED skin holding system,
Lambeg skin,
Compressor tuning rim.

ChangeHED rim and tuning rim also black matt varnished.



Freitag, 29 April 2016 06:43

Custom made HighEndLine 35x14,
fiddlebottom maple with special beaching technique,
light brownish, mysterious ;) vertical stripes, matiching to the skin color,
KentvilleDrums kangaroo skin,
classic tuning system with hidden tuning wheels.

This little drum was inpired by the "Ghost Bodhrán" project (see earlier post)

Black and White

Montag, 18 April 2016 15:19

Custom made HighEndLine 37x15,
"black&white" solid varnish finish on concave frame,
ChangeHED skin holding system,
Compressor tuning rim,
DRAGONSkin spicy.

silky service tree

Mittwoch, 02 März 2016 05:13

Custom made MOS2-like bodhran,


ChangeHED skin holding system,

DRAGONSkin classic,

service tree with silky-smoothy oil/wax finish ;)

Mesh head for ChangeHED

Montag, 18 Januar 2016 16:37
MOS2 with mesh head on ChangeHED skin holding system, comfort tuning rim. The perfect practice drum !

Oak Roughcut

Montag, 18 Januar 2016 08:23
Custom made HighEndLine bodhrán, 37x14, ChangeHED skin holding system, oak rough cut veneer in- and exterior, comfort tuning rim, DRAGONSkin classic

Orange !

Dienstag, 22 Dezember 2015 19:53
Custom made HighEndLine bodhrán, 35x15, concave frame, solid orange glossy varnish finish, black glossy compressor tuning rim, open start tuners, TwinSkin: DRAGONSkin velvet interior, DRAGONSkin spicy exterior.

Orange Carbon

Dienstag, 22 Dezember 2015 04:04
Carbondhrán with custom orange compressor tuning rim, Lambeg skin with orange deco ribbon.

Ghost Bodhrán

Freitag, 18 Dezember 2015 17:35
Custom made HighEndLine 40x15, concave maple frame, special bleaching technique, TwinSkin: DRAGONSkin velvet interior and exterior, Compressor tuning system, hidden tuning wheels


Montag, 14 Dezember 2015 05:54

Custom made 'MOS2-like' drum,
37x15 ChangeHED, concave shell,
DRAGONSkinclassic, compresor tuning rim,
solid 'vulcano' glossy varnish finish.



Samstag, 12 Dezember 2015 06:49

Custom made 'MOS2-like' drum,
37x14 ChangeHED, 
DRAGONSkinclassic, Comfort tuning rim,
solid red glossy metallic varnish finish.


Drum's life...

Montag, 02 November 2015 06:03

It's always great to see an 'old friend' again!
This drum for example, was made by me 10 years ago. Now, after a decade it got a new skin. Frame still looking great, tuning system still working proper, even the tuning screws are the original ones. I'd say the drum survived better than the maker during this period ;)
I'm sure, this drum could tell a story!  All the best for the future, little drum :)

Big Red Wonder

Donnerstag, 29 Oktober 2015 11:14

Custom made HighEndLine bodhrán,
45x14 cm (18"),
Tineo with veneer inlay stripe,
DRAGONSkin classic drumhead,
Compressor tuning rim with soft leather bearing edge,
10 open star tuners.

Wild maple concave

Dienstag, 29 September 2015 06:38

Custom made HighEndLine bodhrán,
wild maple with slightly sunburst,
ChangeHED skin holding system.
REMO Skyntone drumhead,
Special tuning rim for synth skins.


Montag, 28 September 2015 09:22

Custom made HighEndLine 37x15,
"black bubble" veneer interior and exterior,
ChangeHED skin holding system,
Compressor tuning rim,
Lambeg skin.


Concave green bird :)

Freitag, 04 September 2015 04:56

MOS2 in birdseye maple green, DRAGONSkinspicy, compressor tuning rim.

Fiddlebottom natural

Dienstag, 01 September 2015 15:54

 HEL 37x14, ChangeHED, DRAGONSkin classic, Comfort tuning rim, beech interior, fiddlebottom maple exterior, natural finish oil and bees wax.

Blue Selection

Freitag, 31 Juli 2015 09:30

Nice order of a MOS2concave blue with 4 skins and 4 tuning rims, all with 5pattern nails.
Custom blue stained tuning rims.
REMO Skyntone, DRAGONSkin classic, DRAGONSkin deer, TwinSkin drum heads.

Flamy FireBall

Mittwoch, 22 Juli 2015 03:40

Sometimes special wood grains with the right stain on the right drum model can give the extra woo-hoo effect ;)

Like the wavy beech on this FireBall bodhrán !

Blue bird ;)

Dienstag, 14 Juli 2015 03:10

Custom made HighEndLine 37x14,

Classic tuning system, DRAGONSkin classic,

Birdseye maple IDV (ItalianDesignerVeneer) blue with sunburst.


Green bird ;)

Mittwoch, 08 Juli 2015 02:39

Custom made HighEndLine 40x14,

Compressor tuning system, EdlauerSelect skin,

Birdseye maple IDV (ItalianDesignerVeneer) green with sunburst.

MOS2concave red

Montag, 06 Juli 2015 03:40

MOS2 concave red

I currently made a nice series of concave MOS2 again. People really seem to like to concave frames more and more. And on a personal note... I LOVE the deep optical 3D effect of the curved maple :)

MOS2concave blue

Freitag, 03 Juli 2015 03:04

MOS2 concave blue

I currently made a nice series of concave MOS2 again. People really seem to like to concave frames more and more. And on a personal note... I LOVE the deep optical 3D effect of the curved maple :)

GREEN inside ! ;)

Donnerstag, 02 Juli 2015 12:09

Custom made HighEndLine 40x15

Fiddlebottom maple grey concave/green

Compressor tuning system, DRAGONSkinclassic

RWE 10th anniversary

Donnerstag, 18 Juni 2015 09:17

Raffle drum for Craiceann festival :)


Veneer Combi

Freitag, 29 Mai 2015 10:00

Custom made 37x15,


ChangeHED skin holding system



Hyper Compressor

Donnerstag, 28 Mai 2015 13:53

Custom made 45x13 "nutgrain"/beech,

extreme high compressor tuning rim,


Only-nail mounting

Built-in Mike

Donnerstag, 28 Mai 2015 12:52

We are currently working on a test series of built-in mikes in the plastic ChangeHED frame.


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